Repair Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 Corrupt EDB File

Microsoft Exchange Administrators have to encounter several kinds of errors while accessing database in Exchange 2016 Server. It is natural that they look for the methods whenever they face these issues. The logical errors that arise in Exchange are commonly known as user mailbox damage. There are certain reasons behind the corruption in EDB files. These files are responsible behind storing the entire data in Exchange Server 2016 in a structured form, therefore it becomes very important to repair Exchange 2016 mailbox whenever it is damaged. There are two types of EDB files:

Now, let us proceed further and learn the some more important things about the corruption in EDB files.

Different Levels & Symptoms of Exchange EDB Corruption

The logical errors of Exchange 2010 mailbox are represented via different issues such as inappropriate component count in the mailbox, search errors, etc. To resolve these issues, one of the first steps is to find the actual reason behind the generation of the problem.

Levels: Generally, the level of corruption takes place at various levels, which includes:

Symptoms: In case of any kind of Exchange 2013 Database corruption, users may face these kinds of troubles:

Methods to Repair Exchange 2016 Database

If users face any of the symptoms as mentioned above, then they can repair Exchange 2016 database. It may take some time for the accomplishment of the whole task. Perform these steps to repair as well as recover the damaged or corrupt database of Exchange Server:

Step 1: Backup Exchange Mailboxes One of the first steps, it to take the backup of the data before you begins the process. This is because while executing the recovery procedure, even a single step may lead to the loss of data.

Step 2: Check Application Logs This can help you to find the actual cause behind the corruption of Exchange 2010 EDB files. To view system log Event Viewer, execute these steps:

Note: You must have the assigned authorization as ‘Member of the local administrators group’

Step 3: Run Free Inbuilt Utilities Tools such as Eseutil & Isinteg are by default installed at “..\exchsrvr\bin” directory. Before running both the utilities, ensure that:

Run Exchange Utilities by following the mentioned procedure:

“c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests”

Difference between Eseutil & Isinteg

Eseutil is helpful on the examination of page level corruption. It examines each page present in the database for the errors. In case, it is impossible to correct the errors through the process, it discards the page. Isinteg is a utility that works on the links between the tables available in the database.

Automated Solution to Repair Exchange Mailbox Database

Apart from manual approach, users can go for an automated solution to repair Exchange 2016 EDB database, which is corrupt or damaged. Among the different available software for the recovery of Exchange 2007 mailbox, one of the trustworthy solution is Exchange database repair tool. It is an innovative method to fix the corruption of Microsoft Exchange EDB files in a very quick manner. Users can even recover the deleted emails from Exchange server using this tool. Moreover, it maintains the integrity of the data while repairing the files.

Final Words

No matter how much popularity Exchange server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 is getting among organizations, users may encounter certain issues with it. If not resolved, it can create big hurdle in between of work. One of the main reasons behind these problems is the corruption in Exchange EDB files. Therefore, in the above article we have discussed the methods to get repair Exchange EDB database using both manual as well automated solutions.