Operation Terminated With Error Code 1601 & 1605 – Exchange

MS Exchange is a prominent and trusted email application. Since Exchange comes with a whole package and versatile functionalities that is why it is so popular in organizations. EDB is the file format of Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 database that saves all its data. But the problem is that even a minor corruption in EDB files make Exchange inaccessible for users and arise operation terminated with error code 1601 & 1605. In such corruption scenarios, ESEUTIL utility is the most suggested solution as it is an appropriate solution to remove minor corruption of databases. However, if corruption is deep rooted in files then, it is advised not to go for this ESEUTIL utility as it may result in data loss. As this utility automatically deletes the pages with very high level of corruption from the database. In such a scenario, it is far better to go for the third-party tool for attaining flawless results.

For instance, consider a situation where you are repairing the database of Exchange because of inconsistency issues. To repair Exchange database, after using the Eseutil/p command, error messages are generated which are as shown below.

Error 1601 and 1605 in Exchange 2003, 2010

These are what we call as Jet engine errors, which crop up because of corruption issues in database of Exchange. These errors make Exchange mailbox files totally inaccessible. The possible causes and fixes of jet errors 1601 and 1605 are mentioned below.

Primary Cause of Operation Terminated with Error 1601

If a user tries to repair the Exchange 2010 server by the help of Eseutil application then, there is a high probability of occurrence of Exchange 2010 error 1601. This occurs especially when one is taking use of incompatible Eseutil application. Like if someone tries to repair the MS Exchange database using Eseutil application then, there are possible chances of appearance error 1601 in Exchange 2010 server.

Primary Cause of Operation Terminated with Error 1605 in Exchange 2003

Exchange 2003 error code 1605 appears post the recovery process executed by Eseutil application. It means that after Eseutil has recreated the B-tree structure of database of Exchange in a wrong way then, there are high chances of occurrence of this error.

Fixing Exchange 2003, 2010 Error Code 1601 & 1605

To resolve the above error messages, a user requires repairing database of Exchange 2003, 2010 because Exchange server is incapable of using it. Eseutil utility can not be used because the error messages indicate that Exchange database files are badly ruptured or corrupted. However, if the recent archive or backup of EDB files is available then, there is no need to panic. One can easily access the data from updated archive copy. But, even if the Exchange server’s updated copy is not available then, go for the impeccable Exchange recovery tool that aids in recovering EDB files of server and export Exchange database to PST and other different file formats.

This tool is an adept that recovers permanently deleted and even the hard deleted items from Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 EDB file in a very less time. It removes even high-level corruption from the EDB files and all kinds of errors like 1601 and 1605. Moreover, the tool can restore data from Exchange backup from public as well as private folders.


In this blog, all the possible causes and resolution of operation terminated with error 1605 & 1601 in MS Exchange 2003 and 2010 have been immensely and thoroughly discussed. Eseutil command can be used for low level corruption but for intense and high-level corruption, make use of third-party solution to experience quality outcomes.