Exchange Server Jet Error Code 528 & 548

Normal working flow of Exchange server is usually hampered by the irksome errors that may result in sluggish behavior or inaccessibility issues. Errors like these need resolutions as quick as possible to maintain the work continuity and to utilize time in a productive way. However, it is easier said than done in case of Exchange server. Therefore, in this article, the 2 most irritating Exchange errors have been taken care of. Everything has been jotted down here so that users can easily fix Exchange server error code 528 and 548. To know about the reasons why these errors crop up and their one-stop solution, go on till the end of this write-up. But first, let us look at this user query to understand how Exchange error 528 and 548 creep in.

User Grievances

“Actually I am working on MS Exchange Server 2007 and everything was working just fine when suddenly it stopped. For what reason I don’t know. I am not even able to figure out. The error message appears in this form:

‘Exchange server error code 528’

I am really feeling very helpless. I am not much aware of Exchange errors and their fixes. Can someone please guide me on how to resolve Exchange 2010 Error Code 528 & 548?

Exchange Sever Error code 528

Exchange error code 528 appears when an administrator aims to execute restore operation on backup file of Exchange. Also, for any other reason due to which restore process fails error code 528 is sure to occur. Try accessing the log file that store event entry of each day in order to figure out the real reason behind the occurrence of this error. Then, do the needful to resolve the errors.

In case, edb.log and edb.chk log files of Exchange database go on missing then, the error 528 pop-up along with a message "JET_ErrorMissingLogFile". When Exchange VSS Writer does not restore backup files then, Exchange checks log file integrity. After checking if it is observed that all files are not there then, VSS Writer is unable to execute the restore operation. Now, this entire situation leads to generation of Exchange 2010 server error code 528.

Exchange Error Code 548

Exchange server error code 548 appears when Exchange server does not create transaction log file. Also, when it fails in putting a new entry in log file error is generated. This Exchange 2007 error code 548 is also known as "JET_ErrorLogSequenceEndDatabaseConsistent". It is the outcome of error 519.

Methods to Fix Exchange Server Error 528 and 548

Method #1 – Using Eseutil Command:

Unless all threads are put together, changes will not be visible.

Method #2 – Using Exchange Recovery Software:

If the above method does not resolve Exchange server error code 528 and 548 then, you can blindly trust this software to resolve all the errors and to generate a healthy EDB file. With this tool, one can even repair and recover hard deleted from EDB mailbox in minimum time and can also convert Exchange EDB to PST file. Hence, instead of struggling with manual solutions, just switch on this software and access the error free Exchange data files and folders in peace.

General Troubleshooting Tips

Let us look at some general troubleshooting tips to fix Exchange server errors 528 and 548 in an easy manner. These are,

Bottom Line

If Exchange errors 528 and 548 creep in, Exchange server gets damaged and it restricts the access to user mailbox. This breaks the flow of work so, it is vital to resolve Exchange server error code 528 and 548 and bring database back to the healthy state. Here, in this article, we have summed up the most reliable solutions to fix error code 528 and 548 in Exchange 2007, 2010. For hassle free and fast solution, just go for Exchange EDB Recovery Software.