General Trivia: Exchange Error 327

Maximum times we come across a situation, where the logical corruption in Microsoft Exchange Server occurs. The corruption takes place at database level. Let’s consider an example of a specific type of database corruption. In case, the index entries refer to a missing value. The corruption can even be noticed in an email application level. The corruption even causes damage to MS Exchange Mailboxes, messages, attachments, folders and many more.

The logical corruption occurs most of the times at database engine or Information store which in turn leads to severs damage to MS Exchange Mailbox data. Among those issues of corruption, one of the major problems that occur is Exchange Error 327. The error is also termed as a bad page link error 327 in Exchange. Users will even come across few other errors that are previewed while performing the task.

MSExchangeIS ((###))- database engine found a bad page

In such cases, a bad page link error 327 is encountered that leads to server disk crashes or may cause a bug in MS Exchange Server. One of the other reason which can causes this error is incorrect transaction log files. It can also be done in case of processing of database occurs through an updated backup.

Exchange Error 327 - Trouble Shoot the Issue

There are many ways through which an Exchange Error 327 may be resolved. Few of the ways are listed below. Users may go through the steps and figure out how to resolve a bad page link error 327 in Exchange.

Step 1: Manual Method

Alternative Method

If a user finds it difficult to understand the steps mentioned above, he/she can follow the steps below to understand the concept easily:

Tip: There may be few cases, where corruption is major one. In those cases, all these methods will fail. It also leads to corruption and it is very difficult to recover the EDB files. In such circumstances, users need to take the help of third party utility. The automated tool will easily mount EDB file recovery from errors without a single difficulty.

Step 2: Automated Solution

Exchange File if highly corrupted, cannot recover using any inbuilt method. In case of minor corruption, Microsoft Exchange Servers built-in commands will work. So, for resolving the Exchange Error 327, users should make use of Exchange repair tool. The tool is capable of making Exchange Server files work in case of corruption too. The tool has so many features that distinguish it from the other utilities.

The Final Note

From the above discusses article about Exchange error 327 we can understand now how to resolve it properly. I reckon that using manual method would be better but it can lead many problems in case you are not technically sound up to that extent. In such cases, users should opt for sutomated solution as it can solve every issue related to corruption i.e., any Exchange Error 327(JET_errBadPageLinks).