Eseutil Error Code 1018 Jet_errReadVerifyFailure in Exchange

Every user is aware of widely used emailing platform i.e., MS Exchange. But, even it has so many flaws that affect the work of users on a large scale. The errors lie at surface often and it is very easy to resolve them. In this article the users will get to know regarding the eseutil error 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure in Exchange 2007, 2010 and later versions, how to resolve it through manual approach and the Automated solution to the problem. These errors includes the issues in the Jet Engine which can corrupt the EDB files i.e., Exchange Database Files. To fix the 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure checksum error quickly let us first understand the file structure of Exchange Database and by understanding it properly we can easily eradicate the error.

Exchange Database File Structure

An EDB file is logically a set of 16 KB, 12 KB, 8 KB, 4 KB, and many more. Pages are numbered consecutively in Microsoft Exchange. The database is structured like a B-Tree having a single page pointing towards adjacent page or previous page. Organizing page in such a way traversal of page in a faster way and thus leads to the quick search result. The first two pages are basically occupied by the database header out of 200 pages. It implies that the third physical page is the first logical page of the database. Moreover, instead of page number one of the most important thing is the page checksum value. Page Checksum is calculated via mathematical formula when a database is written to the disk. Resultant value is marked on header page. When a user creates a backup for a file, checksum value is calculated time and again and is matched with the value stored previously. If it does not match i.e., a case of mismatch the page is marked as corrupt.

Exchange Error 1018 Jet_ErrReadVerifyFailure

Eseutil error 1018 JET_errreadverifyfailure in Exchange 2007, 2010 occurs because of high page-level corruption in the Exchange Database File system generally. While the error in database of file-system level is repaired using the Exchange Server’s ESEUTIL utility. In contrary to it, it is of no use in the case of page-level corruption. This kind of errors occurs most probably in the case of creating online backup for the files.

Common Reasons Causing Jet_ErrReadVerifyFailure Checksum Error

All these reasons give birth to the jet_errreadverifyfailure checksum error in Exchange 2010. This error is generated in the case of high page-level corruption.

How to Fix Error 1018 Jet-ErrReadVerifyFailure

Every problem has a solution. If one encounters an error there is always a way to resolve the error easily. All one needs is proper guidance for the same so that a person can deal with it easily and it does not kill time. Mentioned below are the ways through which one can resolve the jet_errreadverifyfailure checksum error on a database page. The ways are categorized in 2 categories – one is manually and the other one is trying an automated solution. One should go through the points mentioned below and jot them down so that he/she can perform the solution to the problem magnificently.

Step 1: Manual Method

ISINTEC –s servername –fix –test alltestsAlternate Solution

STEP 2: Recommended Solution:

A technically savvy person can fix Exchange error 1018 jet-errreadverifyfailure. For a non-technical user, it is next to impossible to fix the error via ESEUTIL error 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure. So, the users who find it difficult to perform through the manual solution should try the Exchange Recovery. The tool repairs the EDB file database along with the public and private folders. Apart from you can also convert Exchange EDB file to pst and then import into Outlook so that user can also read or view EDB file data in Outlook

To Sum It UP

The jet_errreadverifyfailure checksum error on a database page can be resolved in a single attempt via Exchange Recovery tool. The utility repairs each and every single factor of the Exchange server. In addition to it, utility has the ability to the recover the corrupted files easily. We consider that the readers should get the full information regarding the error so we have provided both the manual and automated approaches in the article to fix the eseutil error 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure.