Eseutil Error 1022 JET_ErrDiskIO in MS Exchange

There may be various errors in Microsoft Exchange Database that can affect the smooth working of a user. Or, there may also be situations where accessing a file in the database becomes difficult. Moreover, each attempt to recover such file may be futile and file remains inaccessible. The reason behind such type of situation is corruption in the database, which generates various errors. Among all such type of errors, one is Error Code1022 JET_errDiskIO. Moreover, this error mainly occurs when there is a fault in the underlying system. Apart from this, whenever Microsoft Exchange Server requests for a database page and it is difficult for the operating system to access that page due to any reason, it results Error Code 1022 JET_errDiskIO in Exchange.

More About Exchange Jet Error code 1022 JET_errDiskIO

This jet error generates when a user tries to access a file that is highly corrupted and Error Code1022 JET_errDiskIO is mainly caused by disk input/output failure. Also, if some parts of the file are missing or inaccessible due to some other reason, then following error message will be generated:

“1022 (JET_errDiskIO) The hardware, device driver, or operating system is returning errors”.

It is generally the case, when Exchange requests a page number that is larger than the number of pages in the database file.

Another possible reason behind this error appears is when an incomplete set of the transaction log is replied in Exchange Database. This will result in system crashes, or the system hangs when starting or accessing the data.

For Example, if a transaction that is going in the log 9 but does not complete. However, a new page with the reference log 10 is created for that. The reason behind this can be that the threshold limit of the database file has exceeded. This kind of incomplete transactions logs also results in error code 1022.

Consider a case transaction that starts from log n. Now, if the administrator deletes the checkpoint file and log n, then the transaction replay will be forced to start from log n+1. In such cases, the aforementioned error appears. In the case of Exchange 2002, this error is not possible. Exchange 2002 prevents such incomplete transaction log replay that causes damage to the database. However, this type of error easily occurs in the Exchange version 5.5.

Causes Behind Exchange error -1022 JET_errDiskIO

Below are some of the causes that make database pages inaccessible to the Exchange Server and leads to Error Code 1022 JET errDiskIO in Exchange:

Different Solutions to Fix Exchange Error -1022 JET errDiskIO

The ways to fix the issues varies according to the factor that caused the error. Following are some of the ways on how to fix the error:

Bottom Line

The Error Code 1022 JET errDiskIO in Exchange is caused due to database corruption or the transaction log being different. Apart from this, a third-party application running in the background can also prevent Exchange Database file from accessing the Information Store Services. Therefore, different manual solutions depending upon the cause are discussed to fix Error Code 1022 JET errDiskIO in Exchange However, if any of the above-discussed manual does not work perfectly, then it advised to go for a professional solution i.e. Exchange Recovery. It is a simple, fast and cost-effective way to remove the error from Exchange.